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Nomination for the Executive Committee


Members of the Association of Disabled Lawyers, over the age of 16, who want to serve on the Executive Committee should stand for election. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers and up to four other members. There are thirteen places available on the Executive Committee (in light of rules 6(a) and 11 of the Constitution), but this should include those who intend to undertake Officer roles.


Any member who would like to stand for election to the Executive Committee must read the Constitution, the Executive Committee Role Description and the Social Model of Disability Briefing below. Members should then email a completed application to Daniel Holt on by 5pm on 31st August 2020. Daniel will then email Part 4 of received application forms (your pitch) to all members. The members shall return their votes by 5pm on the 14th September 2020. The thirteen nominees with the most votes will be elected. However, no less than 75% of the Executive Committee members, at any time (rounded up to the nearest whole number), shall be a disabled person.


Elected members can then nominate themselves for Officer roles. The available Officer roles are Vice-Chair; Treasurer; Academics’ Representative; Barristers’ Representative; Solicitors’ Representative; Legal Executives’ Representative; Students’ Representative; and Secretary. All elections for an Officer role shall be conducted by ballot of the members of the Executive Committee upon its formation. The role descriptions for Officer positions are attached to allow you to consider nomination should you be elected onto the Executive Committee. For contested elections for office, the candidate who receives the most votes shall be declared elected.


Please see for information about becoming a member.


For any further queries, please contact Daniel at


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