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Disability Taskforce

The ADL is represented on the BSB Taskforce, which is intended to be a practical, action-orientated taskforce that identifies priorities for the Bar and BSB in enabling disability inclusion. 

The BSB’s Disability Taskforce was formed in July 2021, as a part of its commitment to promoting equality and diversity at the Bar. The BSB believes that the Bar must reflect the society which it serves and harness diverse talent effectively. A Bar which comprises diverse lived experiences and perspectives will strengthen the quality of service provided. Diverse teams bring better problem solving, more creativity and innovation and ultimately are better placed to serve the public. Creating a more inclusive culture will help to ensure that people from the widest possible talent pool are able to join the profession and progress successfully.

The Association of Disabled Lawyers provides information, problems and solutions relating to disability at the Bar. We recently provided the Taskforce with key figures demonstrating the difficulties faced by people in the profession. The ADL is represented by Emily Board on the Taskforce.

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