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Our Activities

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We launched Disabled Lawyer and Proud in July 2022. This is a visual campaign that uses articles and interviews to enhance the visibility of disabled lawyers across the legal sector, raise awareness of the obstacles disabled lawyers experience, share ideas to address these issues, demonstrate the ways disabled people can work in the legal sector, and encourage disabled students to pursue careers in the legal professions.


The ADL is represented on the BSB Taskforce, which is intended to be a practical, action-orientated taskforce that identifies priorities for the Bar and BSB in enabling disability inclusion. 

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The ADL is delighted to be partnering with BDABar to address access adjustments at the Bar. Our “Acknowledge. Accept. Adjust. Access.”  campaign is aimed at adjusting the Bar to access and keep disabled talent. 

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The Association has subcommittees that act as steering groups for sections of our work. There are currently three subcommittees for each of the Bar, Solicitors and Student members.

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The Association of Disabled Lawyers' Inspire Project aims to encourage school children to go into law. We partner with schools and local organisations to facilitate workshops, assemblies, and interactive sessions across the country. With inspiring role models, fun activities and follow-up work, children otherwise excluded from the law may for the first time consider it as a future career.


The Association of Disabled Lawyers sits on the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Assistive Technology Forum, which looks at the ways assistive technology can support disabled people entering the solicitor profession. 

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We offer Membership and the Forum. One benefit is our Disability in Law Newsletter, which brings to members exclusive opportunities with unique content and support.

Members are given access to the Disability in Law Forum, where you will join a supportive group of disabled lawyers and be able to share stories and influence our work.

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